The Predator’s Contracted Fiancée

The Predator’s Contracted Fiancée Manga

Read manga The Predator’s Lovely Fiance on treemanga “You should do it, Elisha, if you don’t want to be like this” A trembling body, a strong arm wrapped around that body. ‘now… … . this situation… … . What the hell… … . ‘ Elisha recalled. This has never happened in the past. ‘Yes, I did.’ A future where you’re turned into an impostor by a demon-like man, and you’ll be eaten to the bone. A future shattered by the power struggle of the Duke Cartier family. To avoid that future, Elisha threw herself at Lucerne, the enemy of her previous master. Okay? No problem. 포식자의 혼약자/The Predator’s Contracted Fiancée